dabbling in the kitchen

I’m always thinking about the next meal, whether it’s after dinner dessert, a second breakfast for a weekend morning, or just a cozy dinner for a night at home. I love combining recipes together or creating something of my own to try out new flavors and combinations. It’s never boring and always a pleasure. Here are a few of the pleasing morsels that have come out of my kitchen.

Chocolate croquembouche with spun caramel. New Year’s Eve at home. Okinawa. Japan.


New Year’s 2013 was our 10th wedding anniversary. In grand eating style, we decided to go big and go home! With my husband as my trusty sous chef, we spent quite a few hours and countless batches of caramel on creating a croquembouche to feast upon for the occasion. It was a serious effort that was well worth the time spent cooking with my husband and the amazingly good result for our special day.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. At home in Okinawa. Japan.

Christmas 2013 brought me an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid mixer. The bowl has been in my freezer ever since then! I’ve been whipping up tasty treats like rocky road, fresh strawberry, and mint chocolate chip ice creams whenever I get the chance. These ice cream sandwiches made with fresh mint and dark chocolate were the perfect update to those nostalgic goodies that every kid remembers.

Holiday sticky bun ring, chocolate ganache cupcakes, and a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. At home in Suffolk. UK.

The holiday season in Britain brought lots of baking and toasty treats. Our Christmases spent there made us feel incredibly warm and at home, even though we were thousands of miles from it.

Home baked loaves. Suffolk. UK.

Carb overloads happen often in my house. I just can’t resist. Whether it be a nice hearty loaf of granary bread or a rustic galette, I’m in love with all things boulangerie.

Dabbling with cranberries. Cranberry orange shortbread and a brussel sprout and cranberry mix. Okinawa. Japan.

I love the tartness of a great cranberry dish. With this quick cranberry orange shortbread and a cranberry brussel sprout blend, guests and family alike with be coming back for seconds.

Cranberries + Brussel Sprouts.

Cranberries + Brussel Sprouts.

Pumpkin spice pancakes. Okinawa. Japan.

There’s nothing better than a warm, comforting breakfast plate. With a few Fall spices in the mix, I’m smitten.


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