about kristen

Kristen in the Sculpture Garden of the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

I’ve been addicted to culture and the way people live for as long as I can remember. In grade school, I would spend hours pretending to be an archaeologist discovering Egyptian artifacts. In high school, French fashion design and frequent trips to downtown Chicago kept my interest. After that, architecture school, my first trips to Europe, and traveling for my military career broadened my horizons. Throughout the years, my interest in sustainable living grew, and I learned how important living locally could be to living a meaningful life.

Now, as a military spouse, I’m privileged to call so many unique places my home. Food has become a great cultural inspiration for me as I wander around the world, and finding new recipes and flavors makes the journey all the more enjoyable. I wander, eat, cook, bake, and savor…all the while keeping sustainability in mind to preserve these amazing experiences for the next generation. I hope my wanderings and kitchen creations will inspire you to create a balance in living locally and thinking globally.


What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Lumix micro four-thirds camera for all of my shots. I know, I know…I’m not a Cannon or Nikon girl. My husband (and tech support guy) was incredible at doing the research to find us a camera setup that would be versatile, professional, and work well for us. It just so happens that the Lumix is so amazing because it can take such great photos just like the Cannons and Nikons except it’s so much smaller. That really helps when you have to lug all your equipment around while traveling. I’m not interested in adding any more weight to my travel bag than I possibly have to, so this is a fantastic option.

Do you take all of the photos yourself?

I do! Well, my husband takes some occasional photos for the blog also, but I will always give him credit for the shots he’s taken. We’re a good team that way.

Where do you come up with the ideas for your recipes?

I read tons of cookbooks and cooking blogs. Plus, as I travel, I find new flavors and ingredients that I want to try in my cooking and baking, so I always have ideas floating around in my head.

What about the ideas for your trips and outings?

I read about local events, dream of bucket list trips of a lifetime, and search the web for info about whatever I feel in the mood for at the time. Really, I have so many trips I would love to go on, but time and money are, of course, limited. I make the most of where I’m living at the time and the resources that are available to me.

Can I use some of your photos for my blog?

I’m flattered that you’re interested in my photos. Please contact me for use of any of the images as they are copyrighted. I will be happy to share as long as I’m notified and properly attributed.

Would you like to collaborate or do a guest blog post?

Of course! I’m always looking for interesting project opportunities and ways to spread the love for other food and travel bloggers. If you have an idea in mind for a collaborative project or guest post that would fit in with my style, please drop me a line with some info. I’ll be glad to consider it!


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