I love having digital media that can easily travel with me. With e-books, you can quickly pull up recipes in the kitchen or pack light and still bring along travel guides for a weekend getaway. These e-books are from some of my favorite sites and make great additions to any digital library. Happy shopping!

For the foodies:

The Edible Mosaic and Everyday Maven have teamed up to bring you an amazing collection of smoothies. They aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

Blend Smoothies eBooks

Pinch of Yum has a great e-book out shows you how to take amazing food photos. Whether you’re just starting out or been doing it awhile and need some new ideas, this e-book will give you the inspiration you need.

Tasty Food Photography eBook

Another one from Pinch of Yum is this e-cookbook that bases many recipes on using cauliflower instead of heavy creams and high fat ingredients. For those of you interested in a healthier diet or special dietary options, this cookbook is a good choice.

Click here to purchase The Creamy Cauliflower Sauce eCookbook.





I’ve chosen to be an affiliate for these e-book authors because I love their blogs and appreciate the great information they provide. I’m compensated as an affiliate based on sales generated.


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