from the (okinawan) kitchen: father’s day old fashioned donuts

Well, this past month has been very busy! We’ve been visiting family in the states and showing off our little munchkin for the very first time to everyone. It’s been such a whirlwind of travel, playdates, and crazy nap schedules that now … Continue reading

from the (okinawan) kitchen: one skillet shrimp and couscous paella

One pot meals are staples in my house. It’s quick and easy to throw everything into the same pot and cook it all together. When we’re running behind schedule for the day or just feeling like we don’t want to … Continue reading

from the (okinawan) kitchen: pick me up amaretto cake with almond cream and orange infused mascarpone ice cream

Recently, my husband decided to bring home a bottle of amaretto liquor. We usually don’t keep much other than a bottle of Riesling around our kitchen, so the amaretto got me thinking of how I could plan a rainy night dessert out … Continue reading