olympic torch relay

british crowd at the olympic torch relay

The Olympic torch has finally made its way around the country, and it even came right through the town where I live. The streets were reasonably crowded with everyone watching it come down the streets. It was pretty exciting to see it being passed off by several people from the local area that were chosen to carry it. Although, the logistics of the relay route were a little unclear, and the parade of buses and vehicles that preceded it was a little distracting. Most of the people almost missed the torchbearer completely because he came by so fast in between all of the buses and police vehicles. Luckily, my husband and I were in an opportune place to see the passing of the torch from one torchbearer to another.

Now, that the torch is reaching the Olympic stadium tomorrow, I’m gearing up to watch the games on the tv/telly and also head to a couple live. Everyone here is excited and talking about the events. I even asked the bagger at the grocery store today whether he was going to watch the games, and I got an interesting response. He told me that he wasn’t interested in watching the Olympics because he thought there were so many other important issues in the world that needed the time and attention of people rather than sports.

After he said this, I realized that the Olympics are one of the only things that have ever brought the entire world together. It makes us forget about war and focus on peaceful competition, camaraderie, and enjoying the moments of life. It makes us understand that we all search for the same things, that we are all human, and that we need to respect each other’s similarities and differences. The Olympics are important. It’s not just about sport, but unity, and we should all take time out to respect that.

olympic torchbearer

torch exchange for the next leg of the relay

*Photos in this post were taken by my husband, Ken.


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