borough market

borough market

I had been wanting to go to Borough Market for quite some time. The market is one of the largest food markets in London and has a variety of food vendors, gourmet food shops, and restaurants, so it’s a bit of a food mecca. When I got the chance to go one weekend, I had to bring my camera to visually chronicle all of the delectable food that I couldn’t bring home with me. This included quite the smorgasbord of breads, cheeses, produce, meats, seafood, and, of course, desserts. The colors of all the booths were so vibrant, and I was so happy to finally get the feast that I had been anticipating for the eyes and the palate.

If you’re in the area, I recommend walking into the Rabot Estate Chocolate Shop for a treat. They have all kinds of chocolate to eat-in or packaged products for gifts and pantry items. I had a very rich hot chocolate to go along with a chocolate brownie. When it comes to brownies, I’m a picky girl who likes the fudgy variety, and I was definitely happy with the selection there. Want something more interesting? Try their chocolate crepes or take home a pack of their chocolate penne pasta.

overflowing bread stand

the counter at neal’s yard dairy

stacked stichelton cheese at neal’s yard dairy

root veg piled high

vibrant basket of peppers in the green market section

sizable pan of paella for lunch-goers

chiles frame the doorway at an international stand

chocolate penne at rabot estate chocolate shop


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